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Feb 08

We’re back!

It’s been a crazy year folks.
Some land owner problems on the B202, corn and rain all really made us work alot harder than usual. But we adapted and made the best of what we have.
Please refer to the OFSC ITG for trail status updates.

We’ll also be looking for some new club executives come this spring so if you want to help out then please contact us at info@snowroamers.com for more info.

On the topic of needs we will be requiring a new location to park the groomer and all of our trail equipment and supplies come the fall of 2020. If you can help or if you know someone who can help please let us know at info@snowroamers.com

May 12

That’s a wrap

The 2018-19 season has come and gone. What looked promising in November soon went bust into December. We got trails open a bit but nothing decent until the first week of March. Which is pretty sad. Trails were great when got snow, which is always the case.

Big thanks to landowners and volunteers without whom none of this is possible.

We’ll see you next fall.

Nov 23

Will we or won’t we??

We are hard at work getting trails in. And our winter weather has certainly arrived.

We hope you’ve purchased your trail permit by now and chosen to support the Snowroamers.

The big question is will this weather hold up? We know there will be warm spells but the hope is they are brief and there’s not too much rain.

Keep your eyes on the sky and on the OFSC interactive trail guide for the latest trail status info.

Sep 09

Driver Training

Hi folks. Hope you’ve all found ways to beat the heat this summer.
This is just a quick note to let you know that Snowroamers volunteers will be taking a break from The Driving Training program this season. Please refer to the OFSC website and follow links for Driver Training once they post the info, to find a club near you who is providing the course.
Snowroamers thanks all of the volunteers who put so much time and effort into the program. Your efforts established a program that was well known and always filled up with students quickly. You’ve all earned a well deserved rest and we hope you enjoy spending this fall prepping for a great sled season with your family and friends.

May 08

Thanks. See you next year.

Well folks time ran out on this poor excuse for a winter over a month ago.
Now it’s time to thank all those people who are so important to what we do.

First up is a big thanks to our Landowners and Conservation Authority partners. Allowing us the privilege of access to your property is one of the things that makes organized trail snowmobiling so special. Without a doubt you have some of the most beautiful countryside in Ontario and without your valued cooperation we have no trails.
Big thanks to every single volunteer who cut a tree, pounded a stake, hung a sign or helped out in other way. Without you we have no trails.
Big thanks to the Snowroamers Executive who attended the meetings and participated in the discussions and voted on the motions. Without you we have no trails.
Big thanks to the Huronia Southern Zone grooming association and to the OFSC for providing our groomer and the funding to run it when we got that little bit of snow. Without you we have no trails.
Big thanks to our permit buyers who year after year continue to support us with your permit purchase. We do our best to try and get you safe, fun trails while respecting our landowner and conservation authority partners. We are grateful for your support and for riding safe, smart and responsible whenever we do get trails available for you. We hope you continue to support us because Without you we have no trails.

Finally, here’s great big giant middle finger to Nature. You screwed us over again this year big time!! We don’t know why you’ve decided to be so mean to south Ontario, but guess what? We’re a stubborn bunch us sledders, we’ll be back next year with stakes, signs and a groomer ready to roll.

Have a great summer everyone. Give your ride the end of season treatment and tuck it away for a nap.

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