Feb 11

Snow in the forecast but….


Although recent weather forecasts have predicted snow for the weekend, snowmobilers are cautioned
that this does not mean that snowmobile trails will immediately be opened.
HSR, advises “The volunteers that build and maintain the trails are encouraged by the hope of snow this weekend, but they will need to go over every inch of the  trail system before they can deem it safe for riders, and that won’t happen as quickly as this weekend”.
The Hillsburgh Snow Roamers trails crosses over many  private property. Riding on this property before the club has had a chance to groom a proper base could cause significant damage to the land and pre-planted crops. If this occurs, it may result in land use privileges being revoked by these generous people that donate the use of their private property every year, and affect the interconnectivity of the local trail system. Further, many of the swamps and wetlands will not be frozen under the snow, and that poses a significant safety risk for riders.
 “It’s been a frustrating winter for snowmobilers, especially the volunteers that not only want to ride, but have already put countless hours of their time into the trail system. Out of respect for these volunteers, our private landowners, and for your own personal safety, please stay off the trails until they are ready. If the snow falls as predicted, club volunteers will be working very diligently to open trails as soon as possible”., riding on closed OFSC prescribed trails is illegal. Anyone found doing so may be charged with trespassing regardless of whether the rider has purchased a snowmobile permit.
Once the trails open,Trail Conditions  will be updated daily at www.ofsc.on.ca, or may be obtained by
calling 519-855-9686