Mar 28

Thank you to all our supporters….

Old man winter and Mother Nature sure did pass us by this winter and were not too kind to the snowmobiling industry.  In the past 13 years, we have not seen a winter season like this one; some seasons have been challenging, but nothing compared to 2011 /2012  It’s hard to believe, but in the 39 years of the Hillsburgh Snow Roamers being in operation, we have never experienced a season where the trails were NEVER OPENED


 Some info for our members,

Regardless of how much snow we get each season the installing of trails, purchasing stakes,
insurance, and other costs enquired to having the trails does not change with or without snow. Clubs have to be ready which means these costs from season to season for the clubs does not change. I know everyone never wants to
hear that you can ride north but there is great riding to take part in, when you purchase a  trail pass each season. Snowmobiling is always at the mercy of mother nature, and we all have to be patient and wait or go where the snow has fallen. Many volunteers put hours upon hours in preparing trails making sure our trails are ready once the snow arrives. If we could only make snow for all of our trails..wouldn't  life would be great… but not only the lack of snow presents a problem,lack of frost in the ground and water is a major concern. We require consistent cold weather to drive the frost down in the ground so when the snow does arrive we are not creating crop damage to our gracious landowners that have lent us the use of their land.

 We wish to thank you again for your continued support throughout the years and hopefully the 2012-2013 season will be a winter wonderland.

The Snow Roamers Executive