Feb 04

We’re back. Sort of.

Well it’s been a less than stellar winter. We were off to a decent start and things we’re looking great on January 9th and then well….you know what went wrong.
But we’ve got some precious white gold and it’s thick and heavy. The B202 got a groomer pass and it looks ok.

Here’s the scoop. The B202 will be set to LIMITED status in the morning. We want the track that the groomer left today to setup overnight. It’s supposed to drop to -16 by the morning.
If people go out and roost it up now, than that’s what will set. So PLEASE STAY OFF until we pull the switch and go limited.
The reason for LIMITED is that, once again we must deal with a very icey base and thin snowpack on top.
Riders who grab it ‘n gun it will obliterate that thin snow layer. So please exercise care with the Happy Flapper..
We can’t state this enough, use EXTRA CARE when on the trail.
We’ve faced similar conditions before and been safe and got some good days on the railline.
Your cooperation and patience while we try to make a silk purse from this sow’s ear of a winter we’ve been handed is greatly appreciated.
Ride safe, ride smart, ride responsible.