Our Team


Snowroamers Team 2016-2017

President – Scott Patterson

Vice President – Peter Tureski

Treasurer – Drew McKillop

Secretary – Natalie Gresel

Trail Master 1 – Bruce McCarthy

Trail Master 2 – Todd Greer

Grooming Program Manager – Jim Schuster

Lead Driver Training Instructor – George Paolucci

Lead Trail Patroller – Ryan Nurse

Social Media Director – Charlotte Stitt

 Rider Representative –  Sean Henwood

Rider Representative – Ian Burgess

Rider Representative – Steve Delaney

Message from the President

Sledding is believing

My big brother used to have a sticker that said “Skiing is believing” when we were kids. He was eight years my senior and each time I asked what the sticker meant he said I wouldn’t understand. Well fast forward 40-some years and I have now have a sticker that says “Sledding is believing”. I fully understand my sticker.

Sledding is believing Mother Nature will be generous and provide a cold, dry autumn that lets us get our trails in. That we will get enough cold and snow so our trails can all be opened by mid-January. That my sled will awaken from it’s summer slumber and run trouble free for 3 months. Sledding is believing that every time I venture 100 miles away from home that my trusty sled and GPS will get me home again.

With my recent involvement with the Snowroamers, as trail volunteer then Director and now President my sticker has come to mean much more. Sledding is believing that there is a small, dedicated, and passionate group of people who strongly support an organized snowmobile trail club in the Erin/Hillsburgh region. Sledding is believing there are landowners who generously provide access to their property allowing local and visiting riders to have a safe, beautiful and enjoyable variety of terrain to explore. Sledding is believing there are skilled, devoted people who will operate and maintain grooming equipment into the wee hours of the night, in the most brutal of winter conditions so that riders may have smooth trails to ride come morning.

The Hillsbugh Snowroamers has a long history of ensuring all of those beliefs become reality.  An established record of working with land-owners, local businesses, government, conservation authorities and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has enabled the Snowroamers to make all of my beliefs come true.

But the Snowroamers are at a crossroads. Our challenges include, a changed climate, a new funding model for the club, recruiting and retaining volunteers and a changing mind-set of land owners to the snowmobiling pastime.  I believe that as a team and with some hardwork we can overcome these challenges and assure the sustainability of organized trail snowmobiling in the Hillsburgh/Erin region.

I’m proud to be President of the Snowroamers and look forward to working with everyone in the club and the club stakeholders. My goal is to ensure we have a fun, safe and sustainable organization that can continue to serve the community and trail permit buyers by providing 90 kms of terrific snowmobile trails within a one hour drive of Toronto. These trails provide services like food and fuel, areas to park a trailer and the ability to easily gain access to the 30000 km of OFSC trails connected  to the rest of Ontario.

Ride safe everyone and please remember  when you buy your pass online:

“We need your clicks to keep your klicks.”

Scott Patterson

President Hillsburgh Snowroamers