Dec 27

All Snowroamer trails are unavailable until more snow arrives

The rain was bad and has done damage. We will be assessing the damage and making our plans for the weekend over the next couple of days, But there’s really not much to do but hope for more snow. Please watch our Facebook page and the OFSC online interactive guide for the latest trail conditions.

Dec 18

Cold enough for you? No, no it is not.

Cold. Bone chilling. Mind numbing cold. It’s what we need. It’s what every sled club in Ontario needs. The snow got here before the ground could freeze up.

That’s why the best we can do for our riders is a limited status B202 today.
The rest of our trails remain unavailable. Please do not venture onto any of them.

Our entire team spent nearly 24 hours straight of hard work to get the B202 to limited today.
Please show respect to their efforts and go easy on the trail. This is a multi use trail so SPEED LIMIT IS 30km/h.
Its a rare privilege to ride trails in Southern Ontario this early in the season. It we treat the trail well in the coming days it will reward us with a long season.

If it gets ripped up now there’s little we can do to save it.

So ride safe, ride smart and enjoy.

Dec 13

Snow, beautiful snow!

It’s finally here and more is coming. Snowroamer trails will remain closed/unavailable until all signage installation & inspection is complete and we have sufficient frost in the ground to protect crop land and the rail bed.
We then need enough snow to pass the groomer to provide a solid, flat surface to setup and start to form our base for the season.
Please respect our private landowner and conservation authority partners and stay off closed/unavailable trails.
Consult the OFSC online trail guide to find trails that might be available soon to ride.

All of us want to ride and this is the hardest time of the year but patience will pay off with a great year on some of the best Snowroamer trails we’ve had in years.


Dec 06

Rules Reminder


Dec 06

Warm-up Shelter Project

We’ve made huge progress on our warm up shelter project and many club members have been helping out.

Huge thanks to Sean, Matt, Conner, Randy, Roy, Jay and Sanderson Disposal.


Here’s a history of the project in photos







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